Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Topshop 214//

If there's any brand on the high street that knows their market down to a tee, it has to be Topshop. The brand manages to maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout not only it's stores and website, but now also a blog and even a 'catazine'. I think their magazine/catalogue - 214 - is a perfect example of how to communicate with consumers, and Topshop appear to have done a good job, with a mix of product, lifestyle and even DIY fashion.

As with Station, we all really liked the matte paper in which the magazine is printed on. Topshop is a youthful, edgy brand, and so it would have been wrong for them to produce a glossy, glamorous magazine. There's also an element of the hand drawn throughout, which I think makes it seem more personal, a little more youthful than type.

The DIY fashion feature adds a feel of individualism, which takes away from the magazine being a mass produced publication, by a nationwide high street chain, which is clever.


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