Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fantastic Man//

Since picking up my first copy of Fantastic Man, I have fallen in love with the way the magazine is laid out. The way in which they display the sections in Chapters makes it different to other publications, and as with the other magazines we looked at, I love the way in which they use contrasting paper.

The great thing about Fantastic Man is how the paper reflects its content. So, for the editorial on the rather eccentric Hamish Bowles, they printed onto medium weight matte paper in an off-white. The shoot was shot by Jeurgen Teller, who's photography is renowned for having that gritty film, realistic aesthetic to it. The editorial on men's suits, however, was printed on high gloss paper. I also love the use of type - the mix of upper and lower cases within an article, and the traditional type used in a column format which gives a newspaper-esque feel about the magazine.


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