Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dead Pan Sam//

Whilst trawling through the wasteland that is Facebook, I came across a Tillate-style photograph that a friend of mine had been tagged in, with a blog address underneath. Out of pure blog curiosity, I decided to have a look, and have since been following a photographer under the name Dead Pan Sam, since January.

He runs two blogs - Long Time Dead, which bases itself around his daily musings and happenings, and Partie! Partie!, a blog based entirely on the humorous events which take place of his university town, Brighton. I admire LTD for its attention to detail - it has a very honest, youthful tone (as does Partie! Partie!), however the focus of his photographs and the stories behind them really capture the characters of the people in them.

Partie! Partie!, however, has a very crude undertone. When it comes to these photo stories, Dead Pan Sam has no shame in humiliating the drunk in all their glory - and along with some fantastic captions, there's a real dark humour to this site.

As we as a team are inspired by photography, I think it would be good to feature Dead Pan Sam - an upcoming photographer who obviously holds a lot of passion for his art, and deserves to be recognised on a wider level. After showing Kate and Amy his blogs, they agreed and so we hope to do an interview with him, and ask if he'd be willing to do produce some photographs exclusively for The Factory.

Long Time Dead

Partie! Partie!

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