Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Photography Inspiration//

David Shamas photography-
See his tumblr: for more of his work and inspirations.

I met David Shama in Paris for interview devised by a friend for writes for a local magazine 'Platform'. Shama claimed natural movement and imperfections 'capturing mistakes' he likes the models 'not to wait for him' He also told us, the choice of model and the attitude of shots sets the tone. When shooting he tries to think 'go with the flow' and is open to trying anything in his work.

Shama works with stylist Dephine Delafon and also his sisters Romeana and Mighera Shama who are also stylists and creative directors at high fashion brand Chanel. Shama is inspired by Self Service Magazine, the 90's, The Face, Steven Miesel and Italian Vogue. His photography is also inspired by various visuals in films and architecture in Paris & New York.


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