Monday, 26 April 2010

Zine Inspiration//

On Wednesday, we got together as a team and collectively brought forth our favourite magazines/pieces of print.

After trawling through many beautifully laid out publications, we tabbed pages upon pages of inspiration for our zine with many post-its, and came up with a few ideas for The Factory.

We liked the screen test style of these shots seen in Interview magazine - this could be a good way to display any contributors to the zine, if we decide to collaborate.

And the idea of a pull out poster page - this example is of Abbey Lee Kershaw in Australian Vogue.
For interviews, we thought of adopting this sketchy DIY style, to give the articles more depth and personality. There is also a Mario Sorrenti shoot with Kate Moss similar to this, in which we can take inspiration from.
I really liked the idea of this photograph, and as there are three of us, I thought it would be a really interesting way of displaying the editor's notes at the beginning of the zine. Again, it adds a personal touch, and Kate came up with the idea of accessorising with our own jewellery and nail varnish, to make it even more individual.

I really liked the effective use of one or two colours in this shoot. It really emphasises the colours and draws attention to the photos, and although it is hard to tell here, the magazine was printed on really nice, thick (and quite rough) matte paper.

More inspirational layouts to come soon.



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