Friday, 7 May 2010

Kika Rose//

Because at The Factory we love all aspects of fashion, one of our favourite pastimes is discovering the latest faces in modelling. Whilst it's always interesting to see who opens the Prada show in Milan, or the Burberry show in London, when thinking of possible models to interview the first person to spring to mind was Kika-Rose Ridley, an up and coming model represented by Models 1 of London.

I met Kika Rose while working as assistant stylist on a shoot for The Fash Pack, and watching her on the shoot was one of the most magical things I've seen in a long while. With a fierce bone structure reminiscent of Miss Moss herself, it was her eyes that made her presence on the shoot an awe-inducing moment to witness. When you see Tyra Banks constantly rattling on about how it is the models' eyes that make her come alive on a shoot, it can be hard to understand, but there and then I saw Kika work her magic, and all with her piercing eyes.

Not only is Kika an absolute beauty, and stunning both in front of and behind the camera - working with her I learnt that she has a warming, down-to-earth personality, and truly is a lovely London girl. Fingers crossed Models 1 will get back to me and let us conduct an interview with Kika... I think she'd be a great asset to the zine.


All photos courtesy of Models 1.

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