Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kasia Bobula//

Kasia Bobula is a freelance fashion journalist and photographer. She originally studied Fashion Design at Central St Martins, but decided a career in media suited her better. She's written for the likes of Dazed, A4 magazine and Tank, and we love the photos she's posted on her blog - particularly her backstage shots. We thought as a team that Kasia would make an interesting feature for the zine because of the way in which her career has progressed, as she didn't follow the route her course would have anticipated. She also originates from Poland and has worked in New York, and so has quite a lot of culture experiences as well as that in the fashion industry. We conducted a short email interview with Kasia about her career and love for fashion, and hope to feature some of her beautiful back-stage photography to accompany the article.
Kasia has a distinctive style with her photography, and as well as being fascinated with fashion she also enjoys taking photos of sky scrapers, sleeping people and outcasts of the city.


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